Foods that Heal

Foods that heal

It is believed that one can prevent and possibly reverse many common ailments by utilizing
thoroughly researched natural foods. Some have even asserted that some combat arthritis,
erase wrinkles, reverse the effects of aging, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol naturally.
Some of the food recommendations seem to empowering people with the right information
necessary to maximize their personal health and well-being.

Nutritional weapons also are said to be part of the arsenal used in the ongoing war with cancer.
Bio-X cancer prevention diet is also suggested as one used in dealing with with specific cancers.


Strawberries are the most effective berry for slowing the growth of colon and oral cancers, a
recent study shows. See article ..
Good News

Women might reduce their kidney cancer risk by eating certain fatty fish, according to new
research published in today's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Personal health plan

Most of the advice given about the foods that heal is that one has to go "back to basics". A
lifestyle change and a change in ones diet will need to be addressed. For instance, a dietary
deficiency in vitamin B-17 (nitriloside), from which laetrile is made may be crucial in ones diet.
One has to elect to take greater responsibility for ones health.


Our prayer is that God will guide you in the choice of healthy eating and what foods to eat that
will be a blessing to you and will be part of the foods that heal.