Gift Card Notes

These Cancer Gift Card Notes are meant to help you express yourself as you place a note on the
flowers or the gift that you send to your dear ones. We hope that they be blessed as they receive
what you give to them. Remember, a small gift goes a long way in expressing what mere words
cannot express and  so the Card Notes will be remembered for a long time.

These Gift Card Notes are for various categories. These include Birthday,Mother's Day,Father's
day, Wedding Day etc. It is our prayer that they will be a blessing.


Thank you for being a dear friend. I celebrate with you this great day in your life. May God keep you,
increase you in all ways and grant you peace.
I love you,

Mom –Mothers Day

Mom, thank you for loving me. I thank you for being the best mom to me. I thank God for having
chosen you for me. May God keep you and may He bless you beyond your imaginations.
I love you,

Dad – Fathers Day

Dad, I have seen many fathers; you surpass them all. I thank you for being the best father. Thank
you for working so hard so that we would be what we are now. I love you dad. May God keep you
and may He bless you and may He grant you the desires of your heart.
I love you,

Wedding – Wedding Day

Thank you for being a caring friend. May you wedding excel all. May God’s glory be seen and be
manifest in it. May your future be glorious. May God make all your paths straight in Jesus Mighty
Name, Amen.
I love you; best regards,

Wedding Anniversary

When I counted the years, I was lost of words. God has indeed been faithful to you. Your marriage
has been a testimony and it will continue to be so. May God abundantly bless you, keep you and
may your future years bring the fullness of joy to you both. The grace of God be with you.
We love you,

New Born Baby – What a Joy

What a joy to see the new born baby. May God’s hand be upon this child, may His protecting hand
keep and shield the child from evil and may God grant you wisdom on how to raise up this
glorious gift.

God is good, be blessed.